Final Fantasy XVI

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Creative Direction

Direction & Production



To launch Final Fantasy XVI to diehard fans as well as showcasing the evolving nature of the game and attracting a broader audience through longform content.

Creative approach to the brief

Monster guru, Dr Emily Zarka and Historical Weapons Expert, Matt Eastern were at the forefront of this campaign created alongside gaming agency Waste Creative.

Their knowledge of the FF world gave us the perfect subject matter to get the fans (and the Ruffle team) absolutely pumped about the launch of this latest instalment.

FF sought to bridge the world of fantasy with a touch of grounded reality, utilising insights from real-world experts to help fans delve deeper into the lore. This approach would serve as a refreshing entry point, introducing the game's magic to both loyal followers and those new to the saga.

Dr Emily and Master of Weapons Matt, reacted honestly to the latest Final Fantasy gameplay giving us a little taster of what to expect from this exciting new game.


In order to best reach a specific target audience and maximise the impact of the campaign, FF partnered with NME, a prominent figure in entertainment media. This partnership allowed FF to tap into NME's platform as a trusted source of content, enhancing the campaign's visibility, credibility, and resonance among the audience.

In total, the videos achieved a remarkable combined impression count of 4,385,198, with 912,053 views

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